Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The hot water felt great on my mud caked naked body. I had been working with my brother and dad dehorning cattle all day long and I stunk like cow poo and mud. Once I was cleaned up and freshly shaven I toweled off and made my way to my bedroom. Upon entering my room I dropped the towel, shut and locked the door and lay down on my bed. The bottom drawer of my nightstand contained some self pleasure toys that I used often. I selected a large life like vibrator and slowly inserted it into my soaking wet snatch. The feel of the large cock filling me up was unbelievable and I hadn't even turned it on yet. Once in all the way I slowly pulled it back out and repeated the motion, just working it in and out of my cunt.

"Oh yes," I moaned as I turned the cock on and let the vibrations send chills through my body.

I switched it onto the high setting and buried it deep within me. I could never last very long with the cock on high and could feel an orgasm already building. I just held onto the end of it while my legs were spread wide and ass hiked up in the air. I was so hot and wet and knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I held on as long as I could but lust overcame me and I let my body take control and came with a force, my body kicked and bucked like a wild mustang and I had to burry my face in a pillow to muffle my screams. They toy cock could do nothing to stop the flood as I came and soaked the bed. I grabbed a hold of the toy and pulled it out of my pussy and just gasped unable to breath or move. Finally, after what seemed like forever I was able to get up, clean myself up and proceeded to ready myself for the evening. Aside from being a full time student in college, and working around the farm I also tend bar a few nights a week at one of the many local bars.

I selected a fire red g-string and matching half cup bra, along with a short little faded denim skirt and a tight low rise midriff baring tee shirt was pulled over my "girls". I figured it would be a busy night so I opted to wear my 4" high black knee high boots. After doing just a bit of make up I pulled my hair into a pony tail and off to work I went. As I was driving to town I noticed that my skirt did nothing to hide my g-string, or anything else for that matter.

Out in our neck of the woods there aren't any fancy joints, just good 'ol honky tonk type bars and "Shooters" was one of the wildest. Pickup trucks far out number cars in the county and the parking lot was full of them. I found a spot and pulled my truck in and made my way inside.

Steve Earls' "Copperhead Road" was blasting from the 8 huge speakers mounted on the walls and the bar as well as many of the tables was full of guys and gals drinking and talking. Dave and Dana were behind the bar serving drinks left and right. I had just walked behind the bar when all the guys at the bar raised their glasses and bottles up and cheered LILA LILA LILA LILA SLAM!!!! Down came the bottles and glasses. I smiled and waved to everyone and went to the back room to hang my purse up. Dave, who owns the place, was ready to head out for the night, leaving the place to Dana and myself.

"You two girls have fun and keep things in order and under control," Dave told me with a grin. Dave knew Dana and I always had fun and could keep em all in line.

"Sure thing boss, we just stay behind the bar and serve drinks, nothing more. I told him.

"Yeah, it's not like we get on the bar and dance and flirt with the guys," Dana piped in.

With one last look Dave was out the door, leaving Dana and I to run the show. Dana was dressed in a tight ass pair of super low rise jeans and a tank top that barely contained her perky breast and long brown hair. All night long we stayed busy, serving drinks, a bit of dancing, and lots of flirting. The guys all loved when we got on the bar and line danced to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". I know dam well that they all got a good view up my skirt and at my red g-string.

By 2pm, bar time, most everyone had already gone home for the night. A couple guys were in the back room playing pool. As Dana started cleaning up the front of the bar I made my way to the back room to clean up there. Jason and Josh, two regulars, were just finishing there pool match.

"Just one more shot and you owe me $20," Jason told Josh as he lined up his shot.

"Bullshit, there aint no way in hell you can make that." Josh sot back.

The boys noticed that I was there and after a quick glance, went back to the pool game. The two of them are always the last two to leave the bar every Thursday night. I stopped picking up bottles and cans long enough to watch Jason strike the cue ball, making it hop over Josh's ball and hit the 8 ball, letting it roll into the corner pocket. Jason just smiled and laid down his cue and winked at me.

"That was pure luck," Josh explained as he laid a $20 on the table. "Thanks for letting us finish Lila."

"No problem," I told them, "but the two of you owe me a road trip some night."

"Hell, there aint no better time than right now," he said as he slid the twenty across the table to me, "just grab a box of beer and meet me at my place."

I told him I would close up, grab some beer and meet him at his place in 15 minutes. I told Dana I was leaving and out the door I went. Jason's place wasn't too far out of town and I saw the lights were on in his shop so I pulled my truck up by the door and went inside. Jason was over in a side room, reclined in a bucket seat out of some car or truck, watching Speed Channel. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, pressing my "girls" into his head and whispered in his ear. "Are we staying here or going for a road trip?"

He turned his head upward, gazing down my top before going to my eyes, and said," S-10 or the Silverado?"

I knew that the S-10 had a history on road trips so I told him I wanted to go in that. I leaned down, kissed his lip and just let my tongue brush his and pulled away again.

"S-10 it is."

I followed him out the door, over to the shed and climbed up in the jacked up and souped up 4x4 truck. As he backed out of the shed I asked what all he had done to the truck. "Well I took out the V6 and installed a 383 stroker, added a 3" suspension lift, dual exhaust, bigger tire and a few other mods, and the automatic transmission makes it nicer for other activities as well."

I just smiled to myself, thinking, if he plays it right he might just get some of those other activities.

Four or five beers, and about 15 miles later found us down off the road in a large swampy area known as "The Marsh". Jason asked me if I wanted to have some fun and of course I was all for it. He shifted into 4-high and slowly turned down a steep bank and right into the stream. The creek was at least 3 feet deep and he slowly made his way down it, still spraying mud and water as we went. It must be a country thing; cause I was turned on just by driving through a muddy river, my g-string was soaked. I lifted my skirt a bit and rubbed my box while Jason continued to maneuver down the stream and up the bank and into the woods. I was lost in my own little world when all of the sudden the truck tipped severely to the left and slid down into the swamp. I fell over onto Jason, hand still on my pussy and other holding my beer. We just sat there for a second and neither of us said a word. Then, in the glow of the "sex lights" I could see Jason grin.

"Son of a bitch, I think we might just be stuck." Jason told me as he climbed out of the driver's side window. "Yep sure as hell are."

He got his cell phone out and called Josh, told him where we were and hung up. "You might as well get out; it will be a bit before he gets here." I crawled out of the window and into his arms, as to not get my boots muddy. His hand was on my bare ass and he gave it a little squeeze.

"I can think of one good thing about being stuck, and it's this good looking blonde I have with me right now." He said with a grin.

I shoved my left hand into his mouth and his eyes lit up after tasting my pussy juice. He quickly lifted me into the bed of the truck, hiked up my skirt and pulled the g-string aside. With my legs spread he dove head first into my soaked cunt, licking and sucking like a madman. His tongue kept darting in and out working in deep and working my clit as well. Two fingers made there way in as he kept eating me out and started finger fucking me as well. My hands had lifted my shirt up and I was massaging both of my boobs, he took his free hand and worked one of them as well. He kept eating and sucking on my pussy and I could feel the orgasm building. Jason could sense it as well and went at me faster and harder. All at once I just let go, cumming with a force and covering his face. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! OH YESSSS!! Oh god, wow that was great! Now it's my turn"

I made him lay down in the truck bed and I undid his jeans, pulling them along with his briefs down, reveling his cock, not the largest but nice(bout 7 inches). I knelt down and in one gulp, took all 7inches in my mouth and sucked and bobbed my head up and down, sucking for all I was worth. I kept sucking and played with his balls, as he just laid there and enjoyed the show, and feeling. I wasn't about to let him cum just yet so I pulled back and stood up and pulled my g-string down my legs and tossed it in the cab of the truck. He stood up and had me face the cab, legs spread and bent over the roof. His cock easily slid into my snatch, it had been soaking wet for almost an hour. The feeling of being filled was wonderful and neither of us said a word as he took control and worked his cock in and out of me; the only sound was of the truck suspension moving. He continued fucking me, slowly increasing his pace, and grabbed onto my hair and pulled back slightly, just to keep me on him. I was nearing my peek as was he and urged him to go harder.

"OK, you asked for it you little slut!"

He let go of my hair and grabbed my hips and started sawing his cock in and out of me at a breathtaking speed, each time hitting bottom and slapping his balls against me. I was panting like a dog and sweating like mad, so hot and wet. God it felt good! I felt him tense up and all at once he surged into me and dumped load after load into my pussy, filling me up. That was enough for me, and I let go and came with a force back onto his cock, spilling around and all over him.

"Oh my god, that was fucking great Lila." Jason said as he pulled his cock out of my well fucked pussy.

"Yes for sure, very fucking good," I said, "Where do you think Josh is?"

"Not sure, let's just wait in the truck, have another beer." He said.

He climbed down onto the bank and helped me down and set me in the truck then climbed in himself. He smiled and me and we cracked open another beer and he turned the key and started the truck. "What are you doing, I can plainly see that we are stuck." I told him.

"Ah lets give it one more try." He said with a grin.

He shifted into low neutral and engaged the 4x4 lever into low range then the shifter back into drive and gave it a bit of gas. Somehow the truck started moving and he gave it a bit more gas and down into the ditch we went, and he gained more speed with mud flying everywhere and before I knew it we were back up on dry land. I looked at him with a smile and just shook my head.

"You and Josh do that trick often?" I said.

"Well maybe once and a while but usually it's just another buddy with us, not some sexy little blonde."

"Nice, and you didn't have to get stuck to get up my skirt, but it was a nice ploy. Lets get back home though, I have to be up and going by 7 o'clock." I said as I slid my g-string down my legs and hung it on his mirror.

The old saying still rings true, "You can have a lot of fun in a New York minute, but there's something's you can't do inside NO city limit."